Birthday Photoshoot Outfit Ideas to Shake the Internet on Your Day

When your birthday is drawing near, excitement envelopes you. You’ve gone through another phase of life’s ups and downs and in a few days, you’ll be officially a year older. If you’re like most ladies, the excitement will inspire you to hit the studio and take lovely photos for the gram. And in that case, you’ll need the best birthday photoshoot outfit ideas to inspire you.

It’s your birthday, not just any celebration. As you already know, you can only be a certain age once in your lifetime. So, you have to take the best photos with the best photographer. And this all begins with your outfit.


But not to worry.


This guide will show you what to wear for a birthday photoshoot. Stay glued to your screen and be sure to save this page so you can consult whenever you’re ready to take your birthday pictures.

Birthday Photoshoot Outfits in Nigeria

lady wearing short red gown

Trying to decide on what to wear for a birthday shoot can be overwhelming.

The plethora of outfits on Instagram and Pinterest worsen the case. They’re all beautiful. You don’t know which inspo to settle for.


Relax your nerves, birthday beauty. We did the homework for you. We took the pain to comb the Internet for the best birthday photoshoot dresses.  And they fall under these categories;

1. Dinner Dress

lady rocking cream dinner gown for birthday shoot

You can exude the kinda class you only find in white-tie or black-tie events for your birthday shoot.

Just wear a lovely dinner gown, and good makeup, then go pose for the camera.

Opt for a dinner dress made with sequin, silk, velvet, crepe, georgette,  or even ankara fabric. Just decide if you want it mini, midi, or maxi, and hire a good seamstress to give you what you want.


smiling lady wearing light blue gown

But if you want to wear the dinner dress to another event beyond your shoot, a pro tip is to make the flowing part of your maxi gown detachable.

That is, you make a mini dinner dress with a long, flowing attachment. This will serve as two outfits as one. And you can always wear them any other day to any other event.

Love the idea of evening gowns for your birthday shoot? Check out our catalog of dinner gown styles.

2. Suit

lady wearing white suit with hat

Wanna evoke power, class, and style? Wear a suit.


Just make sure your suit isn’t plain. It’s your birthday shoot, remember? Your outfit should also be memorable because all your friends will flaunt them on social media.

lady wearing pink suit


So, go for a suit with statement details or one with bright colors that can stop social media users from scrolling through their feeds.

3. Afrocentric Fashion

lady rocking ankara and red plain material

Wanna rep your African heritage on your birthday? How about you make a dress with your ankara, kente, or any other African fabric? Or is it ankara suit you want? Go for it. Afrocentric birthday photoshoot outfit ideas are great.

lady wearing ankara dress for birthday photoshoot


Tell you what’s more interesting?


Having an A frocentric-themed birthday shoot!

4. Afro-urban Fashion

lady wearing adire top with ripped jeans

Another simple outfit for a birthday photoshoot is afro-urban fashion. This includes your Adire joggers, tees, and a touch of ankara or kente fabric on your streetwear outfits.

lady wearing white T-shirt on ankara skirt


5. Beachwear

lady rocking beachwear for birthday photoshoot

Wanna flaunt your summer body? A beach-themed shoot is the one for you.

It doesn’t have to be a beach per se. You can go to a swimming pool or a stream in a rural area, put on your bikini (which can also be afrocentric), and take your birthday photos.


lady wearing lingerie for birthday photoshoot

You can also have an aqua-themed birthday shoot indoors. You don’t have to visit the water for this. All you need is some sexy beachwear and you’re good to go.

6. Something Chic and Hot 

lady wearing hot jean jacket and pants

A beautiful mini dress, corset dress, suit dress, bodycon dress, a midi dress, jumpsuit, etc., come in here. You can also wear a pair of jeans or leather pants with a shirt or crop top.

lady wearing hot pink fur gown


It all depends on your personal style.

What to do Before Going for These Birthday Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

lady with birthday balloons

Want to take lovely, scroll-stopper birthday photos? Use the outfits for your birthday shoot we’ve included in this post. But before you go for any of them, ensure you’ve:


Pick a Good Designer/Vendor

lady wearing ankara outfit for birthday photoshoot

The overall look of your chosen birthday photoshoot outfit idea depends on the fashion designer you work with. To be on the slaying side, go for one who understands body fittings and styling.

Your designer must place your style needs above their craft. If whatever they’ll make won’t suit your body type or offer you comfort, it isn’t worth your investment.

The same applies if you’re getting your dress from a clothing store. Fit matters, and so does style.

Book an Appointment with Your Hairstylist

lady alighting from yellow bus

You don’t want to shoot with unkempt hair, do you?


So, book an appointment early enough with your hairstylist especially if you’ll be wearing African braids.

However, if you don’t want to spend long hours in the salon while prepping for your shoot, opt for wigs. They could be human hair weaves or braided wigs.

Wigs keep you on the go and switch up your style in far less time.

Contact a Terrific Makeup Artist

happy lady holding balloons on her eighteenth birthday

Your hair and dress may be on fleek but if you don’t wear befitting makeup, it’ll ruin everything you’ve worked for.

So, ensure your makeup artist knows their job. And let them know the kind of look you want. Preferably, go for simple makeup so it won’t steal the shine of your birthday photo shoot outfit.


Choose a Good Photographer

lady wearing white gown for a birthday photoshoot

Above all, if you do the aforementioned but end up working with a terrible photographer, your efforts will be in vain.

Why? Because you’ll have terrible photos.

Just as you invest in the birthday photoshoot outfit ideas that suit your taste, invest in good photography to complement and accentuate your outfit.

Now that you know how to prepare for your birthday shoot, feast your eyes on more glamorous outfit ideas for your next birthday shoot.



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